New Little Explorers Sea Collection Stencils

I am happy to announce my new Little Explorers Sea Collection Stencils!

Oceans cover two thirds of the earth and they are brimming with marine life.
From fishes to whales and crabs to octopuses, our waters are highly diverse
and contains the highest amount of life on the Earth. With the Little Explorers
collection you can brighten up any space and create a happy and educational
space for children!

Little Explorers Sea Collection Stencils


New Cornelius Design!

You’ll have a blast painting this trendy Cornelius design on your walls, floors, furniture, lampshades, and DIY projects! This is a traditional lattice-style pattern that crisscrosses in a pattern that seems to radiate pure, unadulterated style.  Don’t you want some of that on your walls?
Cornelius Stencil Pattern
Cornelius All-Over Painting Stencil