Funny Renovating Story (at least it’s funny now that it is fixed!)

We are renovating our 1920’s home. We have been renovating it for quite some time. Here is what the kitchen used to look like. It was downstairs in another part of our house – we moved it to an open floor plan that looks out over our living room.

old kitchen
My son in the old kitchen. Proud little chef

Here is the new kitchen (not QUITE done yet, but almost there)

New kitchen
My son in the new kitchen!

Notice the sink in front of him. It is supposed to be top mount sink.
SOOO imagine my dismay when I returned home and found this:

Incorrectly installed sink
Incorrectly installed topmount sink

— The counter-top is Waverton Cambria quartz – looks like marble but is 99% non-permeable so you don’t have to seal it and it doesn’t stain!

— Cabinets are linen white Benjamin Moore

Not good for the quartz counter top that has a seam right in the middle of the sink:

Notice Gap between counter top and cabinet base
Notice Gap between counter top and cabinet base


They had to come back and re-do the whole thing and pay for a new sink!

Here are more recent pics of kitchen


Really love this Painting Stencil!

I am a graphic designer/ illustrator and I really love my job. My favorite part of my job is when I get to design stencils. BUT, THIS. TIME. IS. DIFFERENT. It is for my own house. Hence, my problem is that I can have ANYTHING that my little ol’ heart desires. My options are completely unlimited. THIS is like leaving me standing in the pickle aisle with every possible type of pickle available in the world. I would think I would be in heaven, but instead I know that I would just stand there, frozen, and stricken with panic because there were simply too many PICKLES (which I happen to love so much that my husband actually calls me Pickle, or pick or sour pickle if I happen to be in a bad mood).

SOOOOO… anyway, what was my point?

Oh, yeah. I finally think I made a design that would be perfect for my screened in porch floor.

Here it is:


I also have fabric for the furniture that I plan on having cushions made for:

Zebra Print Fabric for screened in porch furniture
Zebra Print Fabric for screened in porch furniture

Just have to figure out what the other pieces furniture are going to be. Think I will paint one piece a laquered chartreuse green color or maybe – have to make a mock-up room to see what it will look like!